Useful Links

These are some useful links for writing, analysis, and computing.

AMDIS is useful for MS analysis.

AngryReviewer is a remarkably helpful site for making stylistic suggestions for scientific writing.

Bioconductor is useful source of R-packages not in the main R-project.

ImageJ is a helpful for analysing images. Turn your phone into a quantitative detector. There is an online version of ImageJ that can be used.

The Kilgour Lab is a resource run by Dr David Kilgour and has materials useful for students and mass spec.

LanguageTool is a free grammar checker that is ok. None are perfect. Direct integration of languagetool into LibreOffice is very poor, but this standalone works. Note that you will need Java.

LibreOffice is a free alternative to paid commercial Office software.

NMRium is a free online web based site providing NMR processing to everyone with a drag and drop interface.

Pubchem is a favourite for free information about chemicals. It also includes an excellent free online link for chemical drawing that includes an option to paste SMILES code to get your structure started.

R is an extremely powerful programme for statistical computing. You can also access via R-studio.

R-Studio is a useful environment for R. It also can be used as an IDE for Python. Before installing please follow the instruction to install R first.

Spectrogryph is a very helpful programme for spectroscopy and there is a useful free version for students (and others).

Zotero is a free and very useful programme for doing referencing. It integrates well with LibreOffice (Many programmes do not). Its import from the clipboard feature is particularly valuable.