Universities and their staff have unique needs.

As a new member of staff, you may not feel confident in your role. You may realise you need to improve your knowledge. You may be struggling to introduce new material.

As a manager, you may have urgent short term needs due to staff shortages/absence. Dealing with us business-to-business to help you has many advantages.

As a course manager, you may be aware that many graduate jobs are in Analytical Chemistry. Many universities neglect this area, leaving their graduates less competitive. We can help you improve.

Are you confronted with students arriving with very uneven preparation?

We can assist with everything from simple diagnostics through to training materials and instruction. This could be done as a condition of acceptance, before arrival, and/or after arrival. Try taking a diagnostic by following the link (here) from the perspective of your students. Once you have completed it use the send message button if you think we can help.