HPLC Training 2024 Pilot

What is covered:

Training begins with basics and review presented in  4 topics. These cover background, dilution and calibration, consumables, software, aspects of methods, sample preparation, and health and safety. This  prepares you for your university hosted  lab experience.

This usually takes a few weeks to complete and when you complete these 4, we will start scheduling the lab session. We will try to find a date that works around work, university, and family commitments.

Following the lab session, we will delve deeper into methods, solvents, detectors, costing, data reduction and analysis.


How do I progress?

You progress by completing topics in a sequence. Topics are completed by mutual agreement. When you achieve 90% or better on all assignments, we ask if you are ready to continue and if you want more practice. To meet our high standards, we give individual feedback on all assignments and opportunities to improve if needed.

Who is it for?

This training is for anyone with a chemistry degree. It is especially designed for:

    • Students affected by the pandemic
    • International students – maybe you did not acquire the skills you wanted.
    • Professionals – perhaps you need a refresher or improved confidence to change jobs or roles.

If you have a degree from an allied science (Forensics, bioscience, etc.) get in touch. If you are an UG chemistry (or allied) student contact us, we may be able to help.

How much does it cost?

It costs £200 + £20 for a consumables pack +shipping. Begin by purchasing our consumables pack. This also lets you begin the first 4 topics.

When you complete these 4 topics and we agree a date for the lab session the remainder will be due.

If you do not complete the first 4, we will not take any more of your money.

This lets you decide if the training is right for you at very low cost.

Feedback from our clients about our training

Compared to previous experience in school and university:

“More Organised!”

“I like the assignment structure as it progressed from stage to stage, it made me able to get the concept from scratch unlike in the university.”

“This service provided me with simple and easy materials that explained the topic. There was also step by step build up of the topic. That way, I felt eased into the topic. I also had an access to the instructor and got all the support that I needed without feeling rushed or the need to catch up or go with a certain “pace”.”

About our feedback:

“I was amazed by the quick reply with feedback.”

“feedback is very prompt.”


“my confidence has increased. It’s like having a one-on-one tutor.”

Every client that has completed a topic has indicated it was good value for money.