Pricing (students)

For currents students, prospective masters students, and recent graduates our current rate for non-laboratory training is £5/topic. If you have done one of our diagnostics,  a topic roughly corresponds to an item on the diagnostic.

We only want you to pay for  2-4 topics (£10-£20)  at a time. This minimizes the cost of entry.

We think (and our clients agree), this is good value for money.

Consider this in the following context:

Home student fees are £9,250. International students fees start around £15,000 but for some subjects at some universities can be over £40,000. An entering UG chemist may get roughly 550 – 600 hours of instruction in a year. The Office for Students provides some additional funding for chemistry students on top of the student fees paid by home students, so your cost is only part of the overall income to Universities.

As a student, this means you pay around £16/hr for home students and £26/hr upwards for international students. Count the number of students in your session and do the maths.

Our standard offerings are very good value for money. We are pretty sure we will be giving you more feedback, faster feedback, and more opportunities to improve than your university.

Instruction including labwork is at higher cost. For example, our HPLC training. However, the online preparation for lab is priced similarly. This usually begins with purchasing a consumables pack. When you purchase this, we give you access to materials preparing you for lab as an extra bonus.

Do you have special requirements or would like in-person instruction. Get in touch and we can help. If you include some of your fellow students or colleagues as part of a group it will be more affordable. You will probably want 5-10 people for a 3 hour session.

This is a rough guide and assumes you are within an hour travel of the  Sheffield, Derby, and  Nottingham area (or can travel  to us). We can offer discounts for larger groups or to organizers (discuss this with us).

We like in-person sessions. From a teaching point of view it is easier to assess levels and get feedback this way. This is especially so if you are trying to fill gaps in essential preparation.

We have a training platform to provide you with resources, assignments, and a place to submit your work.